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Événements à Milan : détails

Du 04 Novembre 2014 au 05 Novembre 2014


Only Italian date for the world star . The Artpop Ball Forum

Madonna ( many for the one and only ) dedicated to her She's not me during his last world tour. He's right, is not Mrs. Ciccone , but Lady Gaga is certainly a global phenomenon that never ceases to create a great chatter in the music world . Miss Germanotta is a star , sings suspended in the air and covered with latex in front of Queen Elizabeth , dressed in slices of meat, embraces Marina Abramovich as if it were his best friend forever and dedicates a song to Donatella Versace's latest album Artpop , recording effort designed by the artist Jeff Koons in which appears a bit ' version of Botticelli's Venus in pop - kitsch.

Lady Gaga does it ever a mistake and his Little Monsters do not cease to disappoint . You can like it or not, can be seen as a pure commercial pop phenomenon yet Poker Face Lady has talent . Not only walking shoes with vertiginous or to create scandals . There are her acoustic songs , written by her , as she played the piano, in which he shows to really have the talent out of the ordinary . You know Speechless , for example ? Some yes, others no , it is not a fault , it's just that the girl prefers to impress as queen of the dancefloor. The unique event in Italy is set for November 4 , at the Mediolanum Forum , the only date in our country Artpop The Ball



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